About Us


Our Health Mission

At Harbor Health, our mission is to provide holistic care to individuals and families that is centered on evidence-based practice. So what does that mean for you? It means that we want to care for you as an entire person, and not just your list of symptoms or lab values. Treatments and prevention strategies are developed as a partnership between you and your provider using the most up-to-date evidence.


A Team that Cares

Our goal at Harbor Health is to consistently deliver excellent care along with outstanding customer service. No matter what your health needs are, we want you to leave our clinic feeling better. Our entire team appreciates the opportunity to serve you and our community. 


It's All About Access

We believe that a good patient-provider relationship is a partnership that extends beyond typical office hours. You need provider accessibility and we deliver. From longer appointment times (typically 30-60 minutes) and short wait times to telehealth services, we're here for you!